The Complete Illustrated Book of Development Definitions (2015)

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Authors include:
Harvey S. Moskowitz
Carl G. Lindbloom
David Listokin
Richard Preiss
Dwight H. Merriam


Why You Need This Book:
This edition includes a significant number of new definitions relating to more current legal and planning issues. For example, a number of new terms and phrases relating to natural and industrial disasters, such as hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, have been added. In the same vein, also prominent in this edition are definitions, illustrations, and legal annotations relating to sustainability, new urbanism and green communities, as well as pedestrian and bicycle-related terms, reflecting a new focus on these long-neglected forms of transportation, Various housing types and living accommodations are reexamined and redefined where necessary, in light of changing development and demographic patterns. In all, the fourth edition contains 2,198 definitions, or 243 more than the previous edition. The fourth edition contains legal annotations for all of the definitions and 109 illustrations.

How This Book Can Help You:
This book is the authoritative source on some of the more common planning, development, and environmental terms are used. Precisely defining these terms eliminates the vagueness and ambiguity that, at best, results in confusion, and, at worse, ends up in costly lawsuits and delays.

• Most states accept ordinance definitions as outlined in this book.

• Provides valuable advice and guidance to planners, administrators and attorneys. Meant for those who prepare, interpret, administer, or litigate zoning, subdivision, site plan, or environmental ordinances.

• In order to enhance an understanding of how the definitions work in practice, the authors of this new edition, the fourth, not only updated and revised existing definitions and added new ones. They also researched the law and annotated over 90% of the definitions with legal references.


Price: $125
(No discounts apply)


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