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New Jersey Lawyer No. 348
Environmental Law

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Leading With a Steady Hand by William H. Mergner Jr.; Message From the Special Editor: New Jersey and the Environment: Looking Forward by Dawn Monsen Lamparello; Working Well: Just Breathe, Counselor by Lori Ann Buza; The Urgency of New Jersey’s Climate Reality by Shawn M. LaTourette; Greenwashing Claims: Agency Guidance, Litigation Trends Provide Road Map for Marketers by Melissa A. Clarke and Andrea A. Lipuma; Great Mother of Pearl! The Looming Growth of Offshore Aquaculture in the Garden State and How to Navigate its Legal Framework by Zachary A. Klein; Go Green: NJDEP Encourages GSR Remediation by Andrew T. Alessandro; Natural Resource Damages in New Jersey: Six Years After Litigation Revival, More Guidance Needed by Vinita Banthia, Matt Conley and Daniel Farino; Clients Best Served in Comprehensive Approach to Due Diligence in Transactions by David Restaino; ‘Forever Chemicals:’ Broadening PFAS Regulations and Legislation by Dawn Monsen Lamparello, B. David Naidu, and Emily M. Poniatowski; Commentary: Navigating the Winds of Change: New Jersey’s Winding Path Toward Clean Air and a Stable Climate by Sen. Bob Smith, Dr. Joseph Gurrentz and Dr. Celia Smits

New Jersey Lawyer No. 347 – April 2024
Business Law

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Reflecting on a Year of Service with Gratitude by Timothy McGoughran; From the Special Editor: Business Law Updates Cover Vast Ground by Senwan Akhtar; Practice Tips: Tech Tips: How ChatGPT and Other AI Could Impact Your Practice by NJSBA Staff; Writer’s Corner: Allow Me to Introduce Myself by Veronica j. Finkelstein; Complying with the New Corporate Transparency Act by Michael F. Schaff and Jason J. Krisza; Awaiting Case Law, Amendments a Decade Into NJ-RULLCA by Gianfranco A. Pietrafesa; Corporate and Limited Liability Company Conversions and Domestications by W. Raymond Felton; Two Deals In One: Sales of Less that the Whole of a Business by Jason D. Navarino and Hannah J. Greendyk; Corporate Venture Capital: Rise Amid the Changing Venture Capital Market and Lessons in Making and Structuring Corporate Venture Capital Investments by Onome Adejemilua; Intellectual Property Considerations in Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions by Melissa Skrocki and Ammad Ajhmed; Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks in Mergers and Acquisitions: The Importance of Due Diligence and Regulatory Compliance by Karen Painter Randall, Joshua P. Previl and Ada Salzer; Time for a Trade Secret Audit as Non-Competes Under Attack? By Galit Kierkut; A litigator’s Plea: A Little Planning When Drafting an Arbitration Clause Can Save a Lot of Time, Money and Headache by Robert Bartkus and James Harry (JH) Oliverio

New Jersey Lawyer No. 346 – February 2024
Lawyer Well-Being

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Diversion Program Aims to Rehabilitate Nonviolent Defendants With Mental Health Disorders by Timothy F. McGoughran; From the Special Editor: Striving for Well-Being in the Legal Community by Lori Ann Buza; Practice Perfect: Cultivating an Effective Working Relationship with Your Paralegal by Kimberly Molinelli; Working Well: Self-Care: A Holistic Approach to a Lawyer’s Well-Being – DO IT NOW by Lori A. Buza; Tackling the Mental Health Crisis in the Legal Profession: Breaking the Silence, Removing the Stigma, and Providing the Resources by Kirsten Scheurer Branigan, Beth PP. Zoller and Katie Ann Insinga; Embracing Strengths and Capitalizing on Neuroplasticity Can Unlock a Healthier Life by Dr. Defne Ekin; The Practice of Recovery: A Lawyer’s Substance Abuse Journey from Denial, to Chaos, to Healing by Nicole Perskie; Stress: A Lawyer’s Most Difficult Adversary by Hon. Kevin G. Callahan, JSC (ret.); Balance and Resilience: Maintaining Well-Being in the Legal Profession by John E. Keefe; A Legal Paradigm Shift: Decoding Workplace Values of Upcoming Attorneys by Rachael Wolfram and Morgan Walsh; Bar Associations Embrace Comprehensive Mental, Physical Health Initiatives by Kimberly A. Yonta; Perpetually Plugged-In Practices: How Lawyers Can Cope with Escalating Screen Time Pressures by Anthony J. Geremonte; The Straight Dope on Addictions: How They Manifest, What Their Characteristics Are, and How to Treat Them by Ray Ortiz; The Juggle is Real: How to Facilitate and Support a Strong Cadre of Attorneys at All Levels by Nicole G. McDonough; NJSBA Digs Deep into Mental Health

New Jersey Lawyer No. 345 – December 2023

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Access to Justice Remains at the Forefront of the NJSBA’s Mission by Timothy F. McGoughran; From the Special Editor: Navigating the Nuances of Investigations by Susan L. Nardone; Practice Tips: Working Well: Declutter Your Spaces – Declutter Your Mind! By Lori A. Buza, Writer’s Corner: Use the Active Voice; Avoid the Passive Voice by Judge Nelson Johnson, Technology: Tips for an Engaging Podcast to Market Your Business by Melissa Acosta, View from the Bench: Tips, Applicable Rules for Motion Practice by Judge Ronald J. Hedges; Updated Government Guidelines Cover Confidentiality and Ensuring Prompt, Thorough and Impartial Workplace Investigations by Kirsten Scheurer Branigan, Carole Lynn Nowicki and Beth P. Zoller; Recognizing and Avoiding Bias in Workplace Investigations by Christina Silva and Kea S. Noyan; Investigating Internally: Five Tips for Conducting Workplace Investigations by Ricardo Solano and Ryan Goodwin; Plaintiff’s Perspective: Effectively Representing Employees in Workplace Investigations by Ayesha Hamilton; Note to Self: These Notes May Not Be Just for Yourself by John D. Haggerty and Anne M. Collart; What’s the Law?: Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product Doctrine in Internal Investigations by Peter Frattarelli and Simone Adkins

New Jersey Lawyer No. 344 – October 2023
Animal Law
Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: For Attorneys, AI is the Next Big Turning Point in the Law by Timothy F. McGoughran; From the Special Editors: A Look at the Dynamic Nature of Animal Law by Albertina Webb and Michael F. Schaff; Ethics and Professional Responsibility: Is Permanent Disbarment Gaining Some ‘Gray’? by Bonnie Frost; Technology: Microsoft Word’s Top 7 Most Underutilized Features by Practice HQ; Practice Perfect: Have You Considered Adding a Paralegal to Your Team? By Kimberly Molinelli; Working Well: The Equanimous Attorney by Lori Ann Buza; Writer’s Corner: Rhythm ( or ‘Cadence’) in Writing Keeps Your Argument Engaging by Judge Nelson Johnson (ret.); Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Developing Empathy and Compassion to Avoid Division in the Workplace; Animal Law 101: The Consequences of Enhanced Animal Protective Laws by Nancy Halpern; Housman and Beyond: Litigating Disputes Over Companion Animals by Gina Calogero; Domestic Violence and Pets: Why Does the Dog Matter to Your Family? By Michelle Newton; The Dog Ate My Kids’ Inheritance: Providing for Pets in and Estate Plan by G. Warren Whitaker; Paw Prints on our Hearts: Emotional Distress Damages for Pet Loss in New Jersey by Emerald E. Sheay; Tails of Disaster Preparedness: A Case Study of the PETS Act by Jacob (Jake) V. Hudnut; Is it Time to Move Animal Cruelty Laws From Title 4, Agriculture and Domestic Animals, to Title 2C the Code of Criminal Justice? By Olivia Belfatto Crisp; Remedies Under New Jersey Law to Help Avert the Extinction Crisis by Paul Tartanella and Kathleen Applegate; Courts Beginning to Recognize Needs of Highly Intelligent Species by Julian F. Gorelli; ‘Cocaine Hippos’ and the Quest for Legal Personhood by Thomas A. Leach and Doris Lim

New Jersey Lawyer No. 343 – August 2023
Land Use
Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Making Strides in Mental Health Support by Timothy F. McGoughran; From the Special Editor: The Widespread Impact of Land Use in New Jersey by Philip W. Lamparello; View from the Bench: From the State Supreme Court, a Dedication to Craft: A Q&A with retired New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Barry T. Albin; What I Wish I Knew: More Deposition Tips for Young Lawyers by Barry S. Sobel; Writer’s Corner: Word Budgets Keep Communications on Track by Judge Nelson Johnson; Practice Perfect: Insights on Legal Hiring and Recruiting from NJ Firm Leaders; Working Well: The ‘Culture’ of Law by Lori A. Buza; Ethics and Professional Responsibility: Availability of Diversion Expands by Bonnie Frost; NJDEP Adopts Substantial Amendments to Inland Flood Hazard Area and Stormwater Management Regulations by Jennifer Phillips Smith and Bisola Taiwo; Are Cannabis Uses Eligible for Use and Conditional Use Variances by Jennifer Mazawey and Thomas Garlick; Facing the Tougher Questions: How Recent Decisions Regarding the Statewide Non-Residential Development Fee Act Will Affect Your Client by Demetrice R. Miles and Thomas J. Trautner Jr.; Resolution Compliance: The Board Attorney’s Perspective by Dennis M. Galvin and Amanda C. Wolfe; The Impact of Malanga v. West Orange on Areas in Need of Redevelopment Designations by Lawrence S. Cutalo; RLUIPA: A Powerful Federal Law Available to Religious Entities as They Seek Local Land Use Approval to Construct or Expand a Religious Facility by Donna M. Jennings and Sarah Kennelly; Landowners Must Navigate Municipal Regulation of Special Occasion Events on Preserved Farms by William L. Horner

New Jersey Lawyer No. 342 – June 2023
Employment & Workplace
Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Back to Basics: Focusing on the NJSBA By Timothy F. McGoughran; Legal Issues in the Workplace Span Many Practice Areas by Brian R. Lehrer and Asaad K. Siddiqi; Practice Tips: Working Well – The Nature Experience for Lawyers By Lori A. Buza; What I Wish I Knew – Deposition Tips for Young Lawyers By Barry S. Sobel; The Rise of the Digital Nomads: Employer Considerations for the Next Breed of Remote Workers By Laura A. Siclari and Cara A. Fialkoff; Are You Serious? What Employers Get Wrong About the ‘Sincerely Held Belief’ Standard as Applied to COVID-19 Religious Accommodations By Daniel R. Dowdy; Who Gets the Job? Reassignment as Reasonable Accommodation By Ann F. Kiernan; Non-Disclosure and Non-Disparagement Provisions Under Scrutiny: Recent Case Law, Legislation Affecting Employment Agreements By Susan L. Nardone and Zachary B. Posess; Pushed to the Limit: Are There Any Theories of Liability that LAD Will Not Permit? By Cindy Flanagan and Matthew Parker; The Blue Eraser: New Jersey’s Proposed Move Against Restrictive Covenants By Michael Coco and Gigio K. Ninan; Coming and Going and the Premises Rule: What Laws Apply When an Employee is Hurt While Commuting? By Lisa A. Lehrer and Sherwin Tsai; Commentary: Uninsured Employers Should No Longer Receive the Benefits of the Exclusive Remedy Provision of the Workers Compensation Act By Christopher J. Keating and Mark R. Natale; Implicit Bias: Considerations for Employers to Avoid Liability Stemming From its Impact By John L. Shahdanian II, Asaad K. Siddiqi and Valentina Scirica

New Jersey Lawyer No. 341 – April 2023
Access to Justice – Helping Communities Part 2

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: We Worked for it All, as a Team. And We’ll Keep Going by Jeralyn L. Lawrence; From the Special Editors: Accepting the Challenge to Expand Access to Justice by Bill Singer and Nancy A. Del Pizzo; Practice Tips: How Attorneys Can Navigate Microsoft Word; Meditation for Lawyers; by Lori A. Buza; Access to Justice through Non-Access: New Jersey’s Sealing of Certain Landlord-Tenant Record by Ariela Rutbeck-Golman; Understanding Modern Anti-Eviction Act Can Help People Stay in Their Homes by Geraldine R. Brennan; Teaching Justice to Law Students: Implementing the New ABA Curriculum Requirements for Law Schools by Lori Outzs Borgen; Applying the Collaborative Models Between Corporations and Science to Pro Bono Dream Teams by Amy E. Vasquez; How to Do it: The Power of Pro Bono Partnerships by Jessica Kitson and Jessica Hodkinson


New Jersey Lawyer No. 340 – February 2023
Access to Justice
Helping Communities: Part 1

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Indigent Litigants Have the Right to Effective Counsel – The Time Has Come to End Madden System by Jeralyn L. Lawrence; From the special Editors: Helping Communities Access Justice by Bill Singer and Nancy A. Del Pizzo; Practice Tips by Jake Koch and Lori A. Buza; The Coming of Age of New Jersey Mental Health Courts: Addressing a Dilemma in the Criminal Justice System by Joanna R. Adu and Eric Marcy; Crisis of Magnitude: Madden v. Delran on its 30th Anniversary by Amy Vasquez; Justice Speaks All Languages: Ensuring the Due Process Rights of Limited English Proficient Litigants through Volunteerism and Judicial Collaboration by Victoria B. Nicholson; The Effect if Filing Fees on the Access to Justice by Adelina Herrarte and Melanie Zelikovsky; The Impact of Court-Ordered Psychological Evaluations in Child Welfare Cases by Maling Miranda and Classie Colinet; The Disparate Impact of Driver’s License suspensions on Communities of Color by Karen Robinson; The Impact and Consequences of True Poverty on Access to Justice by Akil Roper and Shivi Prasad; Dedication and Service: Get to Know the 2022 NJSBA Pro Bono Winners


New Jersey Lawyer No. 339 – December 2022
Elder Law 

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: 6 Months in, Progress on Putting Lawyers First, Judicial Vacancies by Jeralyn L. Lawrence; From the Special Editors: The Legal Practicalities of Aging by Brian R. Lehrer and Lauren I. Mechaly; Practice Tips – Working Well: Are You Fit for Law? By Lori Ann Buza; Ethics and Professional Responsibility: What are Motions for Reciprocal Discipline and Motions for Final Discipline? By Bonnie Frost; Protection the Home from Medicaid: Transfer Options and Strategies by Shana Siegel and Michelle Scanlon; Overprotected: Can Supported Decision-Making Disrupt the Pipeline from Special Education into Guardianship? By Beth L. Barnhard; Nursing Homes and Responsible Party Litigation – Subverting the Prohibition Against Requiring Third-Party Guarantees – Is it Time for the Legislature to Fix the Statute? By Donald F. Browne Jr.; Continued Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Exploring Staffing Shortages Facing the Long-Term care and skilled Nursing Industry by Alexis A. Graziano, Kayla Moor and David Drake; From the Adult System to Long-Term Care: A Comparative Approach to Planning for Aging Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities by Crystal West Edwards and Ryann M. Siclari; Elder Law and Annuities in New Jersey Post-DRA: The Only Game in Town by Lauren S. Marinaro; The Impact of the SECURE Act and the Applicable Multi-Beneficiary Trust by Regina M. Spielberg and Jordan M. Wassel; Special Needs Settlement Planning: Working With Personal Injury Attorneys by Shirley Berger Whitenack; Navigating Prevention of Powers of Attorney Abuse by Anthony J. Geremonte; To ABLE or Not to ABLE – That is the Question: Understanding the Intersection of Trusts for the Benefit of People with Disabilities and ABLE Accounts by Ben Menasha; NJSBA Celebrates Members by Providing Critical Advice Every Lawyer Should Have; Wrap it Up: What You Should be Doing to Close Out Your Firm’s Fiscal Year 2022 by PracticeHQ

New Jersey Lawyer No. 338 – October 2022
The New Jersey Constitution 75th Anniversary Edition

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Let’s Work Together to Navigate Our Professional Responsibilities by Jeralyn L. Lawrence; From the Special Editors: 947 Constitution Stands the Test of Time by John C. Connell and Robert F. Williams; Working Well: De-Stress, Decompress and Recharge! by Lori Ann Buza; Tips on Appellate Advocacy by Chief Justice Stuart Rabner; How New Jersey Protects Access to Abortion in the Aftermath of Dobbs by Linda J. Wharton; From ‘Reefer Madness’ to the War on Drugs to Legal Recreational Marijuana: How Safe are N.J. Residents from Federal Enforcement by Anthony M. Fassano and John C. Connell; Free Speech on Private Property: Adapting a Set of Fundamental Rights Under the New Jersey Constitution by Bruce S. Rosen and Brittany Burns; New Jersey’s State Constitutions: From Ridicule to Respect by Robert F. Williams; 1997-2022: Amendments to the New Jersey Constitution; A Districting Amendment-or a Distracting Convention?: A Look at How We Can Address Gerymandering by Edward A. Hartnett; Legislature, Courts Shape Evolving Bail Reform Landscape by Alan L. Zegas; New Jersey’s Constitutional Rights to a Civil Jury Trial: ‘Inviolate’ But Not ‘Absolute’ by Hon. Gary K. Wolinetz and Bruce D. Greenberg; How Two Constitutional Reforms Gave New Jersey Government More Streamlined Authority on Judicial Review by Ronald K. Chen; Affordable Housing and the Mount Laurel Doctrine: Enforcement has Returned to the Courts by Hon. Peter A. Buchsbaum; A State Constitutional Right to Firearm Safety: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? by Steven M. Richman; Book Review – The New Jersey Constitution: An Origin Story, Evolution, and Analysis by Hon. Peter A. Buchsbaum


New Jersey Lawyer No. 337 – August 2022

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Task Force Working Toward Positive Change for Lawyers by Jeralyn L. Lawrence; From the Special Editor: Navigating the Upside Down in the Real World of Privacy by Nancy A. Del Pizzo; What is the Disciplinary Review Board and How Does its Decisions Affect the Level of Discipline Imposed on Lawyers? By Bonnie Frost; Don’t Just Practice Law— Practice Gratitude! By Lori Ann Buza; Treat Your Data Breach Investigation Like Your Toothbrush—Don’t Share It with Anyone by Daniel J. DeFiglio; Defining Privacy of Biometric Information: Legislative Approaches to Growing Use of Biometrics in Our Society and What it Means for Businesses by Brett R. Harris and Natalie Moszczynski; What Every In-House Attorney Should Know About Preserving the Confidentiality of Forensic Reports Related to a Security Incident by Angelo A. Stio III, Avrohom C. Einhorn, and Brianna M. Alunni; Retaining Privacy with Non-Waiver Orders by Veronica J. Finkelstein; Coordinating Care: Aligning 42 CFR Part 2 with HIPAA by David N. Crapo; Commercialization of Your DNA: Privacy Regulations Lagging for Companies Collecting Genetic Data by Jayla E. Harvey; Dragging Dark Patterns into the Light: Recognizing and Mitigating the Pervasive Risk of Manipulative Interface Design for Clients in the Digital World by Alfred R. Brunetti

New Jersey Lawyer No. 336 – June 2022
Climate Change and New Jersey’s Energy Future

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Why Putting Lawyers First Matters by Jeralyn L. Lawrence; From the Special Editors: How Society and the Legal World are Responding to Climate Change by Dawn Monsen Lamparello and Asaad K. Siddiqi; Practice Perfect: 8 Things Killing Your Law Firm by PracticeHQ; Technology: How to Tame Information Overload; Working Well: Are You a Mindful Attorney? By Lori Ann Buza; Fulfilling the Promise of the Civil Rights Movement with Environmental Justice by Thomas Prol; New Jersey: A State of Transition-Reducing and Responding to Climate Change in the Garden State by Shawn M. LaTourette; How Ner Jersey’s New Land Use Law Makes Way for Electric Vehicles by Cosmas P. Diamantis; C-PACE Legislation Gets a Major Upgrade, Serving as a Catalyst for Meeting New Jersey’s Climate Change Goals by Joshua V. Berliner; Negotiating Solar Renewable Energy Agreements: What You Should Know by Barbara J. Koonz; Climate Change and Renewable Energy’s Impacts on New Jersey’s Agricultural Industry by Lewis Goldshore; Just Look Up: How New Jersey’s Legislature is Responding to the Very Real Threat of Climate Change by Sen. Bob Smith, Joseph Gurrentz and Matthew Peterson

New Jersey Lawyer No. 335 – April 2022
Special Education

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: New Lawyers Find a Vibrant Community in the NJSBA by Dominick Carmagnola; From the Special Editor: COVD-19 Pandemic Helps Shine a Light on Special Education by Mary Frances Palisano; Working Well: To Answer the Phone or Don’t Answer the Phone, That is the Question by L. Stephen Pastor; Writers Corner: Driving the Reader in Persuasive Writing by Sherri Orenberg-Ruggieri; Technology: 11 Top Tips on Using LinkedIn to Build Your Brand by PracticeHQ; Third Circuit Reviews Exhaustion Requirements Under IDEA by Arsen Zartarian; A Year to Remember: Recent Legal Developments in Special Education by Cherie L. Adams; Inclusive Education is a Civil Right-in New Jersey,  Too by Fred Buglione; Point/Counterpoint: The Ethics of Negotiating Settlements in Special Education Litigation by John D.  Rue and David B. Rubin; Compensatory Education and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Counter Perspectives on Available Relief by Joanne Butler, Denise Rekem and Judith Weinstock; Unilateral Placements: Private School Tuition Reimbursement in New Jersey by Debra A. Clifford and Mary Frances Palisano; Home Instruction: A Practitioner’s Guide by Karen Edler; School Districts Compelled to Face Head-On a Rise in Emotional Regulation Impairments by Mariann Crincoli; Beyond COVID-19 Pandemic: Special Education for Mental Health Problems Under Disability Law by Dr. Ilise Feitshans; How New Jersey’s Special Education Complaint Resolution System Fails Students by Rebecca K. Spar and Elizabeth Athos; School Districts in New Jersey Have a Legal Obligation to Identify Struggling Readers and Provide Effective Instruction by Denise G. Verzella and Anne Reynolds; Juvenile Justice Involved Youth May Be Denied Freedom, But Not FAPE by Lacia Japp; A Quick Look: How the S3434 Year Can Make a Difference in Postsecondary Outcomes by Lisa A. Hernandez; A Roadmap for the Special Needs College Student: Moving from Child Find to Self-Report by Laura A. Siclari


New Jersey Lawyer No. 334 – February 2022
Military Law and Veterans Affairs

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Honoring Justice LaVecchia’s Distinguished Service and Commitment to Public Service by Domenick Carmagnola; From the Special Editors: How the Legal System Affects Military Service Members and Veterans by Brian R. Lehrer and Hon. Edward M. Neafsey (ret.); Practice Tips: What I Wish I knew – 8 Valuable Lessons by Jeralyn L Lawrence; Editing to Improve Readability by Veronica J. Finkelstein and Jack Foley; Stop Waiting for Computers to Die Before Replacing Them by Affinity Consulting; Eradicating Sexual Assault in the Military: Current Support for Future Reform by Melissa Strickland; America’s Heroes Need Our Help: Here’s What You Need to Know to Become a Veteran’s Advocate by Nancy Y. Morgan; Proving VA Disability Compensation Eligibility for Camp Lejeune Veterans with Non-Presumptive Diseases by Eric A. Gang; Mefloquine: Health Concerns and VA Disability Claims by Nebojsa “Vic” Zlatanovic; The Importance of Using Military, Medical Records in Criminal Proceedings for Veterans with Mental Health Disorders by Robert A. Ebberup; Justice-Involved Veterans With PTSA can be Supported Through Veterans Treatment Court by David Culley; New Jersey’s Veterans’ Diversion Program: Program’s Success Calls for Time for Formalization and Standardization – Will New Jersey Answer the Call? by Robert Hille, Thomas Roughneed and Hon Edward M. Neafsey (ret.); The Good, The Band and The Ugly: New Jersey’s Property Tax Exemption for 100% Disabled Veterans by Lt. Col Sally Stenton USAF (ret.); Military Minefields in Family Law Cases by Patricia E. Apy and Michael J. Fleres; War Stories: One Attorney’s Experience Serving in the Military and Building a Life as a Civilian by Christopher J. D’Alessandro


New Jersey Lawyer No. 333 – December, 2021
E-Discovery – Working with electronically stored information

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: NJSBA Advocates for More Nuanced Analysis, Variety of Sanctions for Wilson Rule by Domenick Carmagnola; From the Special Editors: The Evidence is Increasingly Electronic – and Attorneys Must Know How to Manage the Rules and Technology Surrounding It by Susan Nardone; Practice Tips: Assessing the Readability of your Writing by Veronica J. Finkelstein and Jack Foley; Some Tips on Civility and Dealing with Difficult Adversaries and Judges by Megan S. Murray; SMS SOS: The Do’s and Don’ts of Texting Your Client by Cyara Hotopp, Affinity Consulting Group; When ‘Something Doesn’t Feel Right’ About the Evidence by Scott J. Etish and Brielle As Basso; E-Discovery and Social Media: Current Standards and Guidelines for Discoverability, Presentation, Collection, and Production in the Ever-Changing World of Social Media ESI by J.T. Triantos; Abiding by Strict Search Terms During Discovery Can Have Consequences by Bled Aliu and Hon. Ronald J. Hedges; The Resurgence of Electronic Evidence Spoliation Sanctions: Is the Tiered Approach of FRCP 37 (e) Living Up to Expectations? By Mark S.  Sidoti and Kevin H. Gilmore; Avoiding a Plan for Failure: Lessons From Recent Products Liability E-discovery Decisions by Jonathan Donath


New Jersey Lawyer No. 332 – October, 2021

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Impacting Judicial System and the Way We Practice Through Persevering Advocacy by Domennick Carmagnola; Message from the Special Editors: As Society Evolves, So Do Insurance Provisions Across Industries by Reka Bala and Lisa J. Trembly; Practice Tips: Reimaging business Development by Aparna Tutak, Heeding the Call – Why Pro Bono Can Make A Difference by Akil Roper, Writer’s Corner – The Importance of Readability by Veronica J.  Finkelstein and Jack Foley; The Clash for COVID Coverage by Sherilyn Pastor, Anthony Bartell and Mario S. Russo; A Hack a Day – Can Insurance Keep the Resulting Losses Away? By Kimberly Parson and Eugene Killian; High Time to Open a Cannabis Business Legally in New Jersey – and You Can Obtain Insurance by Joanna L. Crosby; Media Liability Coverage Isn’t Just for News Conglomerates Anymore by Kathleen J. Devlin and Julia C. Talarick; Expediency in Trying Times by J. Christopher Henschel; The National Practitioner Data Bank – A Silent Factor at Play by Nancy Crosta Landale; Is Coverage Barred? Assault and Battery Exclusions in Commercial General Liability Policies by Brian R. Lehrer and Thomas N. Gamarello; When Bad Faith Impacts the Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist by Lisa A. Lehrer and Sherwin Tsai; Will Insurers Maintain Their Successes in New Jersey COVID-19 Insurance Coverage Litigation by Michael F. Aylward and Mariel Mercado-Guevara


New Jersey Lawyer No. 331 – August 2021
Venture Capital and Private Equity

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Law Center Reopening Symbolic of Crafting the Best Path Forward by Domenick Carmagnola; From the Special Editor: Examining the Strategies and Changing Landscape of Venter Capital and Private Equity by Senwan Akhtar; Practice Tips: Working Well – Be a Good Adversary by Jeralyn L. Lawrence; Technology – Why You Need a Password Manager by Jeffrey R. Schoenberger; Practice Perfect – Recruitment and Retention by Aparna Tutak; Convertible Note and SAFE Financing for High-Growth Startups by Anthony E. Wilkinson; Evolving Market Terms for Venture Capital Investments: Trad Association Updates Standards by Steven M. Cohen, Benjamin David Novak and Evan J. McGillin; Addressing the Funding Gap for Women and  Diverse Entrepreneurs by Onome Adejemilua; Selling to Private Equity: Not an Exit, But a New  Chapter by Jason D. Navarino and Christine N. Restrepo; Impact of COVID-19 on Mergers and Acquisitions Deals by Michael J. Zussman and Jacob G. Shulman; Earnouts a Complicated but Useful Option in Mergers and Acquisitions by W. Raymond Felton; A Guide to Private Equity Investment in Health Care by Grace D. Mack and Michael F. Schaff


New Jersey Lawyer No. 330 – June 2021
Trial Advocacy & Preparedness

Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Focusing on Judicial Vacancies, Pandemic Fall-Out and Recovery, and Lawyer Wellness in the Year Ahead by Dominick Carmagnola; From the Special Editors: Trial Advocacy and Preparedness in an Ever-Changing Environment; by Angela Foster, Michael Jay Plata and Ricardo Solano Jr.; Practice Tips: Make your Meetings Meaningful by PracticeHQ; How Networking is a Game-Changer by Ayesha Hamilton; Cultivate a State of Awareness by Anthony Murgatroyd; Amending the Rules Amid a Health Crisis: Developments in Federal and Local Rules and Procedures By Karen A. Confoy; The Motion In Limine: New Rule Provides More Evidentiary Parameters by Dominic V. Caruso; Trial Advocacy in the Age of COVID-19: A Roadmap to the Effective Creation and Preservation of the Record for Appeal By Diana C. Manning and Kyle A. Valente; Technology for Trial Attorneys During the Advent of Hybrid and Virtual Trials By Victor A. Afanador; Strategy is Key for Opening Statements and Closing Arguments: Attorneys Must Take Care to Remain Inbounds  By John L. Slimm and Jeremy J. Zacharias; Essential Tips to Effectively Cross-Examine an Expert Witness at Trial by Edward T. Kole; Practical Considerations for Presenting Deposition Testimony at Trial By Roy Alan Cohen and Rahil Darbar; Do You Want to Keep it Secret?: Things to Consider When Applying to Have Court Records Sealed  By Dennis Gleason; Innovate or Die: Adapting to the Virtual World and Using It to Tell Your Client’s Story at Trial By Rich Lomurro


New Jersey Lawyer No. 329 – April 2021
Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Now More Than Ever, New Jersey Urgently Needs a Full Bench to Ease Case Backlog by Kimberly A. Yonta; Message from the Special Editors: Applying the Law in a Society Changed by the COVID-19 Pandemic by Asaad K. Siddiqi and Darren M. Gelber; Practice Tips: Working Well – Tips on Mindful Practice by Anthony Murgatroyd; Writer’s Corner: Effective Communication and How Not to Write Like a Lawyer by Robert B. Hille; Ethics and Professional Responsibility: Exhibits, eCourts, and Ethics by Ryan J. Gaffney; Practice Perfect: Microsoft 365: Understanding the Benefits and Busting the Myths by Jennifer Ramovs; COVID-19 Vaccinations – The Legal and Practical Considerations for New Jersey’s Public Sector Employers by John Shahanian and Valentina Scirica; Employment Litigation Considerations in a Post-Pandemic World – Leave and Liability by Laura A. Siclari and Allison N. Zsamba; Wage and Hour Requirements Do Not Shut Down During a Pandemic by Joseph H. Tringali; COVID-19 Does Not Have to Mean Indefinite Detention – Many Criminal Defendants are Stilling in Jails Awaiting Their Literal Day in Court – With No End in Sight by Adalgiza A. Nunez; The Nuts and Bolts of Compassionate Release Applications for Federal Inmates by Matthew S. Adams and Marissa Koblitz Kingman; Can the Right to Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Remain ‘Inalienable’ While Simultaneously Attempting to Defeat COVID-19? by Fruqan Mouzon and Bradford Meisel; 20/20 Hindsight on 2020’s Coronavirus Pandemic and Its Effect on the Practice of Family Law by Jhanice V. Domingo; Compelling Parties to Participate in Remote Arbitration Hearings by Theo Cheng; How the Global Covid-19 Pandemic Has Affected Landlord Tenant Practice in New Jersey by Bruce E. Gudin; COVID-19 and Apartment Complexes – Why the Unregulated Use of Gyms and Common Areas Could Make Landlords Begin to Sweat by Izik Gutkin


New Jersey Lawyer No. 328 – February 2021
Sports Law
Table of Contents: President’s Perspective: Hear Us. Recognize Us. The Power of Women Speaking Up by Kimberly A. Yonta; Message from the Special Editors: Litigation, Transactions, Compensation, and More by Albertina Webb and Susan Nardone; Practice Tips: How to Make Web Meetings Work by Jennifer Ramovs; Moving Your Ccase More Quickly During Pandemic by Hon. Margaret Goodzeit; Civility and Dealing with Difficult Adversaries and Judges by Megan S. Murray; Student-Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness Rights: What to Expect in 2021 and Beyond by Nicholas A. Plinio and Gregg E. Clifton; The NCAA’s Historical Challenges with Antitrust Issues and its Current Battle for Continued Relevance by Andrew Bondarowicz; It’s All About the Benjamins: College Athletes Getting Paid for Their Name, Image and Likeness by Desha Jackson and Victoria Nguyen; The Fight Off the Field: Legal Issues Surrounding Compensation of Female Professional Athletes by Mari Bryn Dowdy and Mailise Marks; Title IX and the Continuing Fight for Gender Equity in Athletics by Jan L Bernstein and Gregory L. Grossman; New Jersey Fair Play Act Creates and Uneven Playing Field for Lawyers by William P. Deni Jr.; What Does it Mean to Work in Sports Law? Practitioners Need Versatility in Navigating Financial, Media, Safety and Rights Issues; Has the Supreme Court’s sports Gambling Decision Opened the Door for Corruption in eSports? by Christopher C. Schwarz; Structure and Steadfastness: A Look at Athletes-Turned-Lawyers; The Catalyst for Change in Baseball Labor Agreements: A Legal Look at Curt Flood’s Impact on Free Agency by David P. Pepe



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